palm oil graphicsThe Palm Oil Initiative is a group of students and faculty united under the drive to educate the public on palm oil, an ingredient found in a significant portion of food and toiletry items which carries with it a slew of personal health, human rights, and environmental costs.

Food Day at the University of Arizona offers an opportunity to ask students questions about what they’re eating. We will be offering Continue Reading »

SAMSUNGFood Day is around the corner! Wednesday, October 23rd, 10-2 pm on the UA Mall.

What’s Cookin’??

The Arizona Student Unions will be showcasing some of it’s healthiest and most sustainable options from many campus restaurants. Here’s the Food Day Menu for a mere $5 (cash only):

Your choice of Core Plus Grilled Chicken Tacos or Vegetable Fajitas with a side of Sabor’s Espazote Black Beans plus a Fresh Salsa Bar with Cellar Bistro’s Mango Salsa

And That’s Not All!

Under the massive white tent, you’ll find tons of interactive exhibits, prize wheels, games, taste tests, cooking demos and even chickens. That’s right chickens. You’ve got to see it all to believe it.

Don’t Forget Iron Chef….

We’re taking submissions now, so hurry to enter. Email asuashac@gmail.com for info. And be there at 12 Noon to watch the exciting competition take place.

Relax in the Sun

There aren’t many opportunities to actually sit at a table and eat on the Mall. Come to enjoy your lunch on our fantastic UA Mall. Be entertained at Iron Chef. Explore the exhibits. And to top it all off, relax with a back rub from Stressbusters!


You can be a part of University of Arizona history by sitting under an olive tree. Around campus since Robert Forbes started planting them in late 1890s, there are now 295 olive trees on campus.

So why are these bitter, sidewalk-staining fruits suddenly making news? It’s because they’re starring in a new project through Linking Edible Arizona Forests on the UA Campus.

Supported by the UA Green Fund, the Campus Arboretum and Facilities Management, this unique project is gaining momentum. Excitement is mounting for those interested in harvesting locally grown fruits and vegetables that might otherwise be ignored or tossed aside.

Over the next few weeks, as the growing olives ripen to plump perfection, volunteers will harvest them and turn them into edible products. You can learn more about this on Food Day, as the campus LEAF project will have a display table, right next to one highlighting the Campus Arboretum.

You can get involved in this project simply by kicking fallen olives off of sidewalks to help keep them stain-free, or even more so by helping to harvest them when they’re nice and ready.

If you’re interesting in participating in the harvest, expected to occur in late October or early November, shoot an email to Angela Knerl at aknerl@email.arizona.edu. And if you’d like to learn how to care for, harvest and use your olives, keep an eye out for our best practices guide, slated for publication sometime this spring.

SAMSUNGUA Life & Work Connections says Eat Your Beans & Greens!

Beans are the “magical fruit” in more ways than the familiar ditty describes. Especially when combined with greens – they make a great recipe for strong bones. In keeping with the first Food Day priority -“Promote safer, healthier diets”, the UA Life & Work Connections table at UA Food Day Fair will tackle the questions

“What are good real food combinations for bone health?”


“What is the latest on calcium supplements?” Continue Reading »

healthy you networkWe are lucky to have the Healthy You Network (HYN) joining us at the UA Food Day Fair! At the UA Food Day, the HYN tables will be the place to view cooking demonstrations, win one of many raffle prizes, get your questions about a healthy vegan lifestyle answered and nosh on fresh fruit and healthy baked goods being handed out. Don’t forget, that’s all free!! Continue Reading »

WellUThe  Well University Partnership (Well U) has brought Food Day to the UA campus for the past 4 years. It is the work of Well U members is that make this deliciously fun event possible! Let’s find out what is happening in the Well U.

The Well U is proud to put on this event and to be a sponsor of the 2013 Food Day. Look for the Well U table for more information about this important group and how you can impact the health and well-being of the UA community!

What is the Well University Partnership?
Students, faculty, appointed professionals and staff coming together to help make a difference in the health of our UA community.

What is the Well U’s purpose?
The Well U is committed to creating, supporting, and sustaining individual health and well-being, developing responsive and productive work environments, and fostering a supportive wellness culture within the University of Arizona community.

Who are the UA Partners?

Appointed Professional Advisory Council (APAC)
Arizona  Dining Services
Campus Health Services
Campus Recreation
Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition (CPAN)
Department of Nutritional Sciences
UA Life & Work Connections (LWC)
Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH)
Office of Sustainability
Parking and Transportation
Residence Life
Staff Advisory Council (SAC)
Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC)

Well U Initiatives for 2013-2014

smart_movesSmart Moves: a university-wide campaign to identify the healthier choice, whether it’s food choices in UA restaurants, taking the stairs, drinking more water….at the point of decision, make it a Smart Move! Look for a Smart Move icon to help direct your choices for menu items at UA restaurants this fall.

Tobacco-Free Campus: With the Student Health Advisory Committee leading the way, the Well U is behind passing a policy to make the UA campus tobacco free.

Com Food Bank GardenThe Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona has been serving the needs of the southern Arizona community since 1976. Our vision is a healthy, hunger-free community. Listen to this story of how the Food Bank supports those in need to grow food. Continue Reading »


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