What a great time everyone had at UA Food Day 2015! Food, fun and great company was shared by all. Check out our photo gallery to relive the excitement!

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We would like to extend a sincere appreciation to our sponsors and supporters.  Without financial support from those who stand by the mission and priorities of Food Day, we would not be able to inspire the UA campus and Tucson community to make healthier and more sustainable food choices at the UA Food Day Fair. We would also like to thank our exhibitors for their involvement and for sharing such valuable information with the UA campus and Tucson community. Your presence is vital to the success and impact of our event and it was a pleasure working with you. Last but not least, thank you to our attendees! Without you there would be no UA Food Day Fair! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and learned something new along the way.


By Holly Schaffer, Marketing Content Strategist & Writer

At the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, our vision is simple: a healthy, hunger-free future for all Southern Arizonans.

Emergency food assistance is just one way we make a difference. Last year, we distributed more than 30 million pounds of food. It may be hard to imagine, but without this assistance, more than 200,000 people in our community would have gone hungry.

But, we do so much more than that:

  • We work with local schools to promote produce consumption in low-income households.
  • We help people grow their own food by building home gardens and teaching hands-on workshops.
  • We run an urban farm where community members learn about and engage in food production.
  • We offer farmers’ markets, where affordable, naturally-grown products are made available to everyone.
  • We partner with schools and organizations to ensure kids have nutritious food to eat at home.

Just like you, we believe in access to healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. We stand by a future in which all people have this opportunity. We consider nutritious food a human right, not a privilege.

We’re excited to be part of this year’s UA Food Day Fair, where we’ll be giving away promotional items and information about Food Bank programs. In addition, our Farmers’ Market staff will be on hand selling local goodies, including honey, beans, and flour, chatting about local food production, and healthy eating, and offering fun prizes!

We encourage everyone to take a stand against hunger. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, host a virtual or in-person food drive, or volunteer. Whatever you do, your support will go a long way in helping us achieve our vision.

It’s simple: no one should go to bed hungry. And yet, thousands do every single day. Visit our booth at the UA Food Day Fair and find out how you can support a healthy, hunger-free Southern Arizona.

UA Campus Pantry

Campus Pantry was founded in 2012 by a group of students who strive to reduce food insecurity on campus. Food insecurity is defined as not knowing where your next meal is coming from or running out of food and being unable to afford more. With increasing tuition and costs of attending universities, food insecurity is becoming more and more prominent. In order to help our fellow wildcats struggling with food insecurity, Campus Pantry puts on anonymous bi-monthly food distributions. Any student or faculty member at the U of A can come pick up non-perishable items free of charge. We only ask to see a CatCard to make sure the person is affiliated with the University–no information is recorded. Our inventory is entirely made up of Campus Pantry Logodonations from the UA and Tucson community.

We are beyond excited to partner with Campus Health for the UA Food Day Fair on October 14th! There will be a “can-struction” event which will showcase structures built of non-perishable food ítems designed by different clubs/organizations. There will be photos of the structures at the actual event and students will be able to vote for their favorite! The winning group will receive a monetary prize to donate to a charity of their choice. All of the food used in the structures will be donated to Campus Pantry. We hope to see you there!

NestFresh Eggs

nestfreshNestFresh Eggs is committed to sustainable agriculture, humane animal care, and family farms. Our eggs are always 100% cage free. That means that no matter which NestFresh Eggs you choose, you can be sure that the hens that laid your eggs had room to roam around large barns. NestFresh hens are also free to jump on perches, run throughout the barns, lay their eggs in nestboxes, flap their wings, preen in a dustbath, socialize with their friends, and enjoy all of the perks of being a 100% cage free NestFresh hen.

Over the years NestFresh has built a network of family farms and developed even more options for people that want the best eggs possible. NestFresh Eggs are available in Non-GMO Free Range, Organic, Pasture Raised, Omega-3, and Liquid Eggs from 100% cage free hens. Each of these come from family farms that are committed to sustainable agriculture and humane animal care.

We support Food Day because we agree with their mission to inspire Americans to change their diets and our food policies. We believe that Americans can vote with their dollar when choosing products that are humane, sustainable, and from local farmers. Supporting change in our food system is as easy as choosing products that are produced with a conscience.

To participate in UA’s Food Day, we are providing coupons for our eggs and recipe cards. Look for them at the information table.

We invite you to learn more about us and reach out on the web:

Website: www.nestfresh.com

Blog: http://www.nestfresh.info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NestFreshEggs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NestFreshEggs
Instagram: http://instagram.com/nestfresheggs
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nestfresheggs/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NestFreshEggs

Sustainable Tucson is a non-profit, grass-roots organization that works to build regional resilience and sustainability through awareness raising, community engagement, and local partnerships. Our mission is to create a community-wide network of people and organizations facilitating and accelerating Tucson’s transition to sustainability through advocacy, education, and collaborative action.

We believe that building a sustainable future will take the cooperation and partnering of residents, businesses, government, institutions, and organizations, working together towards common goals. Participating with UA Food Day supports the first item on our list of specific visions: Food is safe, healthy, and regionally produced.

At our monthly meetings on sustainability-related topics, we address issues of local food and food security, water use, clean and renewable energy, transportation, housing, economics, and building a resilient community in the face of climate challenges.

Sustainable Tucson PhotoWe also partner with community organizations in advocacy and actions that promote policies to support greater resilience in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Information from our partner groups addressing climate change and energy policies will be available at our Food Day table, along with materials supporting local foods, school gardens, and farmers’ markets.

Sustainable Tucson supports two projects that will be featured at our Food Day table.

  • Feeding Tucson addresses ways we can create a secure, local food supply, and promotes actions that bring people together to work on that goal. Currently, this project is focusing on developing a local edible tree inventory (See feedingtucson.org).
  • Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival, a community-wide celebration of sustainability, will take place October 18, 11-4, at the YWCA, 525 N. Bonita Ave. Plan on attending! And volunteers are welcome! For more information on how to get involved, see envisiontucsonsustainable.org or check out Envision Tucson Sustainable on Facebook.

Please join us! Visit us at UA Food Day to learn more, share your ideas, and get involved. We meet monthly on the second Monday of the month, at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, in the downstairs meeting room, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. For more information, see our website: http://www.sustainabletucson.org

The Pima County Food Alliance (PCFA) is a coalition of community members that started in early 2011. PCFA aims to achieve an integrated, regional food system that promotes community-based strategies to increase access to healthful food. We envision an integrated, regional, secure food system that is environmentally sound, supports farmers, fosters economic development and expands access to healthy food for all, including low-income people and children, in Pima County. PCFA serves as a space for both individuals and organizations in Pima County to network, organize educational and training opportunities, reach out and collaborate with community organizations as well as engage in advocacy to address public policy. As such, we are thrilled to participate in the UA Food Day!

The Leadership Council voluntarily serves for two-year terms. To read more about PCFA’s current projects and strategic directions, mission and the vision that helps all of us navigate the food scene in Southern Arizona, take a look at our Declaration of Identity. This year we are working on supporting zoning code changes to support urban agriculture, and we could use your help! Find our online petition here.

Pima County Food Alliance Photo

Local First Arizona PhotoLocal First Arizona celebrates a vibrant and sustainable Arizona by educating citizens about local business ownership, social equity, cultural diversity, environmental kinship, and collaboration. Local First Arizona runs an Arizona business coalition supporting the local food industry and a foundation educating citizens on food issues. LFA is thrilled to participate in UA Food Day where we will brand “Localists” in our temporary tattoo parlor, hand out Green Valley pecans and provide materials.

The Local First Arizona Foundation’s Healthy Local Foods Initiatives’ mission is to promote locally-produced foods; stimulate community economic development; foster opportunities for Arizona producers; cultivate healthy eating habits; expand access to affordable, fresh and local food; and demonstrate connections between food, health, community and the environment. We envision a community where consumers know where food comes from, where to get fresh, healthy food and how to prepare it.

Our goal is to be Arizona’s statewide resource promoting entrepreneurship rooted in local food production.Good Food Finder AZ Logo - Local First Our work includes
supporting growing food based businesses, connecting growers, producers and distributors, education about local foods, promoting healthy food and increasing local food purchasing. We host culinary events highlighting our local food communities – SAVOR Southern Arizona Food and Wine Festival and Devoured Culinary Classic.

We are expanding Good Food Finder – an online local foods guide improving access to local foods. We host two signature food industry events – Arizona Farmer Chef Connection and Food Farm Finance Forum -building collaborative partnerships and alliances between local food advocates throughout the state; providing workshops and other resources about the importance of local food. The 6th Annual Farmer + Chef Connection event will be held in Tucson on September 16th. LFA also provides internship opportunities to educate students on local food systems.

To learn more about Local First Arizona follow us on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram!


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